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It has been such a fun experience reading and learning all about flowers! I have finally found such a peaceful and rewarding hobby, and I couldn’t be happier. My favorite book right now is Martha’s Flowers A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying. This has been a great resource and inspiration. From tons of knowledge to wonderful ideas of what to plant and where to do it, this book has been the perfect starting point for me. Even if you aren’t planning a garden, and just enjoy flowers, I highly recommend it.
When we moved into our home in December, I had no idea that the landscape would come to life the way it has. In early Spring, it was something new popping up everyday, and I would be outside using my Plant Snap app to determine the different varieties and then plan accordingly for fertilizer. I started cutting everything back that needed it, amended the soil where it was needed, added fertilizer, turned on the irrigation system, and mulched. I followed each plants lead, and now it’s just daily upkeep.
I wake up every morning and bring my coffee outside with the kids. They play, and I deadhead each and every plant. Watering the pots that feel dry, and admiring all of the new blooms.
I never understood how rewarding a garden would be. Absolutely incredible the sense of peace and happiness it brings me! It’s also taught me a lot about patience, and to have your garden flourish is to tend it regularly. It’s a big job, and can get overwhelming, so start out small. Or, if you are like us and got really damn lucky with a landscape that most of the hard work has already been done.. do everything in your power to keep that place thriving. That means tons of research, and of course trial and error. Nobody is a master gardener overnight 🙂
If you are starting from a blank space, grab some paper and draw your ideas out. I’ve found that Pinterest has a lot of amazing information and inspiration for this! You can follow my Pinterest Garden Board here!



This is the entrance to the garden. The screens you see are Liberty Apple Trees, and this big farmhouse table was made from old wood palettes. I’ve named it my Lavender Table, as I have terra-cotta pots filled with my favorite lavender variety, Early Blue Scent lining the top. It’s old and beat up just the way I like it, but has no use since we can’t sit at it due to the old wood. Lavender is probably my favorite plant. I cut it fresh every week and place in small vases around the house. It’s SO easy to grow with very little maintenance. They love full sun, and the soil likes to be drained almost completely before watering lightly again. I stick my finger into the soil of almost every plant to manually test and see if things need watering. A little time consuming, but it works best for me!




There are 4 big blueberry bushes right as you walk up to the garden fence, and I’m so excited for them to ripen! We had 4 delicious first ones the other night!



One of the many blackberry bushes! They are absolutely everywhere!! Liberty Apple Trees, lemon balm, rosemary bushes, and raspberries all line the fence. I’ve also planted a watermelon, so we will see how that does.



I planted this Baby Lace Hydrangea not long ago! It’s so cute, and will fill this bed out nicely beside a small bradford pear tree that is planted to the left of it. I’ll be sure to snap wide angle shots of the garden soon. We need to cut the grass first!! 🙂










Raised beds are the perfect addition to any garden. Our beds are in full sun, so vegetables, fruits, and full sun loving flowers work best out there. We currently have zucchini, bell peppers, jalapeños, okra, cilantro, spearmint, pineapple sage, sweet mint, chives, dahlia tubers, spanish heather, and jasmine growing in our 6 raised containers!

Next to my zucchini container, I’ve planted out my Dahlia tubers. I’m just anxiously awaiting growth, and can see a few sprouts already! My cutting garden for the summer will consist of different Dahlia varieties. Zinnias and Gladiolus mixed in too! I think that will be a great starting point as my first cut garden. Too much would be overboard as I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been reading like a maniac. Trial and error will play a big part in all that I do, and I understand it’s how I will learn and get better at this.



In the middle of the garden, there is an old water feature that the previous owners built from an old bath tub. I loved the idea, but to get it up and running again would have been A LOT of work, so I decided to fill the tub with cut flowers! Spanish lavender, Marigold, and Dahlias. These plants love full sun, and thrive when regularly dead headed so they make the perfect cutting flowers to enjoy all summer long.






Lining the walk up to the barn, I’ve planted two young Peony bushes, and four blazing star Gayfeather. Camellias are planted in the large, white planters with irises surrounding the base of the front two. Like I mentioned, I’m going to have larger angle shots of everything as soon as we get the grass cut and have the weeds killed. I wanted this post to be more of a tour, and share everything that is planted.




My favorite shade loving potted plant has to be the Dear Dolores Hydrangea. I found mine at Lowes! I also purchased our white rocking chairs, and pots from Lowes as well.




My newest plantings are these Limelight Hydrangeas! This area needed something fluffy, and I LOVE the big blooms these plants can put out. It blooms later, beginning in mid summer, and then the foliage creates nice color in the fall. They prefer part sun to sun, and this area right here receives a tiny bit more than part sun so I think they will be very happy here. Limelight hydrangeas bloom on new growth, so make sure to prune in late winter. They also make for great cut flowers which totally sealed the deal for me!


PS: That is definitely a rogue mega block sitting beneath my hydrangea LOL. The kids play on the porch above, and sometimes the green toys hide really well once fallen 😉




In the front of the home, near the porch, we have a small sitting area with a fire pit in the middle. Bigger bushes are planted around with smaller varieties towards the front. English Laurel, Blue Spruce trees, yellow and purple Irises, Yellow Lantana, Summer Lilac Butterfly Bush, Lemonbalm, Sweet William, Pentas, Tropicana Rose, Orange Jessamine, and purple Salvia fill out the beds. There are also four Liberty Apple Trees in addition to the five planted in the back garden.



Out of everything I’ve seen come to life in this landscape, this New Gold Lantana (trailing, yellow) has to be my absolute favorite perennial plant. It hasn’t needed anything, and looks incredible as it blooms bigger and bigger!





I love these blue and white bistro chairs I purchased from Frontgate! They are just as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing, and I plan to move them to the back patio when we purchase an outdoor dining table. I’ll replace these with white wood adirondack chairs to lounge in for when we light the fire pit. I have yet to photograph the back patio we have, but definitely plan to once we have it set up. Right now, it’s bare with a bench and grill so not much to shoot just yet, but it is off of the garden and would look absolutely charming once set up! I’d love to find a dining table, rug, lights and fill around with potted shade loving plants since there is a large tree that shades it.



If you really want to have a beautiful garden and landscape, I highly recommend reading. Read all that you can, and learn everything about all the different plants. There are certain plants and trees that need a certain variety planted close by for cross pollination. Everything needs to be taken into consideration and planned accordingly for best results, and to be totally honest.. I knew absolutely nothing about plants and gardening when we moved here. I’ve learned everything I know from trying new things, and I do an internet search for everything that comes to mind!
I hope you enjoyed this post,  I’ll be back soon with more.

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