Lightroom was originally intended for professional photographers as a software for editing imagery. It allowed photographers to easily categorize their projects and edit more quickly by creating presets. Presets are editing actions saved into a file where you can quickly hit the action button and instantly have each photo edited. This significantly cut down photographer’s workflows.

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Here’s the fun part- because of presets, this software is now not only for professional photographers! I find it to be the number one software to use for all creative entrepreneurs. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner of a product or service, with this software, you can organize and edit your photos for online marketing in a way that creates more curated imagery. This means it helps you stay consistent and on brand.

Branding is everything. Like I’ve said, branding is just as important as the product you’re selling. We live in a visual world, and in most cases, your first experience with a product is because of something visual. Whether you saw it online, or in store, the packaging isn’t just for the product, it’s for the brand’s website, promotional materials, and social media feeds. Product based entrepreneurs understand how important the look of what your selling is, but do we all understand yet that your marketing online is just the same?

Think about it, if you’re a business owner, and can’t necessarily invest in fulltime branding photography campaigns, so you have an iPhone, and/or a point and shoot or basic DSLR, so you try to take photos for your brand that way because you know you need to keep posting. But, you’re probably not going to spend much time on learning how to edit for color and skin softening etc. You know what you want it to look like, but not necessarily how to do the steps to get there. So your brand image takes a toll, you get fed up with the time or money it takes, and it becomes an overwhelming project you ignore. With presets, you can take your photos (even iPhone pics) and put a preset on it to drastically enhance your photo. Presets come in all colors and you can find a couple presets that fit your brand image and use them for all the DIY images. Do understand that depending on the original exposure and color that could play in effect with preset and there could be a quick exposure or color slide action, but hey, that takes 2 seconds and the preset did most of the work for you.

There is a lot of talk in the photography world about how presets and filters have destroyed the art of colorists, but if you find a quality company or photographer that you’re buying your presets from, it knocks out all these other filter apps and gives you quality for your content! I’m just excited for you. The thought that you can curate your images to have an easily identifiable brand is exciting for me!


Lightroom is an Adobe software so click here for a link to where you can purchase it online.Lightroom is $9.99 a month, and highly suggest you purchase thisand some presets and that’s the extent of your online apps for editing. This will allow you to keep up appearances when you can’t always afford a photographer. Make sure to budget time for one for particular campaigns, website images, promotional content, and a couple updated branding sessions per year, but for the in between, and day to day, Lightroom is your go to!

Once you’ve downloaded Lightroom onto your desktop, download the mobile app and you can sync the device with your subscription.

For more a more in-depth step by step process please click this link


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